Adolescence is a time of creativity and joy, with opportunities to begin making difficult and sometimes risky decisions. These decisions can have consequences that teenagers don’t always consider. It can be an unnerving time for parents who aren’t sure what their teen is thinking or how he or she solves problems. It can be a difficult time for teenagers who have been able to talk with their parents effectively when they were younger children.

Negotiating peer relationships in school or in other groups can be especially hard. Adolescents may experience many feelings, such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, confusion, anger, or feelings of being overwhelmed. They may exhibit behavior problems as they try to sort out their feelings and choices without having the skills to do so. School performance and family life may suffer.

We provide individual sessions for adolescents to help them learn coping strategies and positive decision-making skills to use in school or within the family. We offer sessions for parents to help them learn effective parenting strategies. And we provide family sessions to work to improve communication between the parents and the adolescent. We are particularly interested in adolescents who may be more introverted or have difficulty finding their place in the school environment.

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