Each person has individual, unique concerns and needs. The process we use is one that provides guidance and direction for successful therapy outcomes. We work with you from the Assessment phase to Closure in a solution-focused, narrative modality. We use theoretical approaches and techniques that best fit your particular understanding of your situation and concerns.

We do an assessment where we identify your most pressing concerns, when they started and the degree of impact these concerns are having on your life.

Next we  work with you by sharing knowledge and techniques to help you develop coping skills for everyday life.

In the third step we explore the major concerns you have and their root. We explore past issues and look towards healing. We review your therapeutic goals and discuss with you whether they have remained the same or changed since the assessment.

In closure, we review your process, celebrate what you have learned, share what we have learned. If you feel the need to return to therapy in the future, you may certainly do that. We will have established a therapeutic relationship of respect and trust.

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